Sunday, August 3, 2014

30% off sale!

Hello! :)  I had a very successful Back to School giveaway take place last week at my Teacher's Notebook shop!  As a special thank you, I am running a sale on my classroom job cards for 35% off!  Please take a moment to visit this incredible product!


This product includes the following:
-paper passer
-pencil sharpener
-messenger (2)
-line leader (3)
-bookshelf organizer
-table clean-up
-puzzle organizer (2)
-lunch helper
-pet helper
-snack helper
-light monitor
-calendar helper
-supply manager
-weather reporter
-pencil pal
-hall patrol
-door holder
-on vacation
-paper collector
-chair stacker
-bathroom monitor (2)
-lunch counter
-center keeper
-water monitor
-tech expert
-teacher's helper
-germ patrol
-board eraser
-trash helper
-attendance helper
-fire drill marshal
-nurse's assistant
-floor sweeper
-pledge leader
--and 14 blank cards!

I use these in my own classroom and have received many compliments. I hope you enjoy them too! :)


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